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The idea of mixed developments has long been attractive to property hunters. Living in mixed developments brings unparalleled convenience and comfort to ever-busy Singaporeans, with food, fashion, grocery and entertainment options just below your residential unit.

And in a land-scarce country like Singapore, mixed-development properties are considered an optimal use of land and resources. A rise in such types of projects can, therefore, be expected in the near future. This is evident in the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) Draft Master Plan 2019, where more offices will be converted into mixed-use properties.

There are various benefits to owning a mixed-use property. Here are a few.

Urban vitality

More residents today crave for an exciting and bustling neighbourhood. The idea of a single place where you can live, work, and play is a concept that has gained traction. Mixed-use developments deliver just that, with the blend of residential and retail spaces resulting in a revitalisation of an area.

With mixed-development properties, it’s not just a home that you are buying, but the energy of the entire neighbourhood and community experience. You’ll never feel bored in such estates where people come and go, maintaining the urban vitality that purely residential properties cannot offer.

Luxurious seaside living

With Singapore’s land shortage, being able to wind down to a waterfront view at home is a dream for many. Demand for prime waterfront properties is on the rise, with seaside living often considered a status symbol. Due to the scarcity of waterfront property, the strong demand of prospective buyers ensures future exit strategies.

Expected to be completed in 2023, Parc Komo is a mixed development project with a desirable seaside address. East Coast Park is at close quarters for outdoor activities or to just sit back and relax in the weekends. Residents can enjoy a 15-kilometre stretch of scenic coastline and unblocked sea views, accompanied by a gentle breeze.

Modern comforts at your doorstep

The greatest benefit of living within a mixed-use development like Parc Komo is no doubt the convenience it offers. Residents can walk to a variety of shopping malls close by, such as Changi City Point, Bedok Mall, and Eastpoint.

The freehold low-rise condominium will also be connected to a lifestyle mall, Komo Shoppes, offering unrivalled convenience to a well-curated mix of dining, shopping and lifestyle amenities. And with the official opening of Jewel Changi, residents will enjoy a greater variety of shopping options. Everything you need is within reach and you don’t have to walk far to find restaurants, hair salons, or the supermarket.

Close proximity to schools

If you are planning to have a family, you need to be even more strategic about your property selection process. Ideally, your home should cater to the family’s evolving needs. It’s hardly desirable to purchase a property in a secluded area with sparse amenities. An important home feature for your growing family is its distance from potential schools.

Parc Komo is a great choice, with its close proximity to schools such as the Japanese School Singapore Changi Campus, White Sands Primary School. East Spring Primary School, Dunman Secondary School and East Spring Secondary School. Various childcare centres are also situated close by, providing valuable support to families with working parents.

Attractive investment

Buying a mixed-use development can be a worthwhile investment. The convenience factor of supermarkets and F&B outlets nearby makes it much more attractive to tenants to stay, as it is only within walking distance. That makes it easier for you to rent out the apartment for a small stream of income or if you decide to let go of the unit.

For those looking to let out their apartments, mixed development properties like Parc Komo are a big draw for expats too. Parc Komo is situated close to Changi Business Park, Changi International Logispark, Changi Aviation Park, and the upcoming Changi East Industrial Zone. Such proximity ensures that your investment will be profitable and sustainable, as you can tap on the expat community that will need to rent nearby homes.

Overall, mixed-development properties come with greater investment potential and offer the flexibility of holding, renting or selling the apartment. Owning a mixed-development property like Parc Komo is an advantageous proposition for anyone who loves luxurious urban living with a rich network of nearby amenities.

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